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More than 40 years as a civil trial lawyer with an emphasis on litigating and counseling in commercial disputes.  Clients included major accounting firms, financial institutions, manufacturing concerns, not-for-profit organizations and Major League Baseball.  Amounts in controversy ranged from low six-figures to claims involving $100s of millions. Typical matters included:

  • Employment disputes including claims for wrongful discharge, discrimination, violations of wages and hours laws, violations of non-competition agreements and unfair competition;
  • Accountants liability disputes including claims for audit and tax malpractice.
  • Financial services, manufacturing, and insurance disputes involving allegations of breach of contract, fraud and securities law, including disputes in the bankruptcy courts;
  • Sports law issues including representation of a professional sports league and individual clubs in litigation and negotiations involving other leagues and clubs, vendors and government agencies on matters including contractual obligations, sponsorship and licensing, and trademark issues and antitrust and other regulatory issues;


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